A clockwork precision designed in France

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Created in 1990, the "U225" made in France, is currently the most sophisticated meso injector on the market, used by practitioners worlwide. It is recognized as the reference meso injector in aesthetic medicine.



On the early 2000s, the development of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, and the appearance of new injectable subtances such as hyaluronic acid helped a major expansion of this dicipline.

The automated injectors were generating dissatisfaction among practtioners and inconvenience for patients.

In 2003, the U225 new version has removed major obstacles identified during the injections. The uniqueness of the design, the quality of parts, the manufacturing precision have achieved an injector which meets the various criteria desired.

U225 arriere
U225 gros plan 1

Today, indisputably, U225 has become THE reference in the field of mesotherapy injections.

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